Thank you everyone for playing our game. If you have any problems with the WebGL build or want to play the game in more stable version, feel free to download it from the button below :)

Fullscreen recommended!

Game made forSonicworkflow's Valentine's Day Jam.

Theme: "Cringe"


Short survival game about a little ghost that protects his house from potential buyers by making them cringe away.



Hold 'Left Mouse Button' to move. Hit 'P/Esc' to Pause the game.


  • Game made by:




  • Programming:

         Manus, Marijenburg

  • Art:

         Sylvus, Marijenburg

  • Music
    "Mellow Thoughts" by David Renda
    "The Unsolved Murder" by David Fesliyan
    "Dark Winds Chapter 1" by David Fesliyan

  • Sound effects

          "horror Ghost sound" by HaraldDeLuca
          "Wet Spell shoot" by Bertsz
          "Monster Screaming in a Cave" Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch
          "Clock Tick (Tik Tak)" by KaosMakinesi
          "Pound of Flesh 1" by Magnuswaker
          "Wing Flap (Flag Flapping) 5a" by ani_music

Install instructions

  • Download
  • Unpack .Zip file
  • Launch Make'emCringe.exe file
  • Enjoy :)


Make' 48 MB


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I played the game blind at first and didn’t understand what I was doing until I read the description. I had fun scaring people. It’s a cute little survival game. I loved the ending.


What an amazing game! I was really impressed by how polished the mechanics were. You guys definitely took a very interesting take on ghost scaring. I think everything was implemented SO nicely, and all the elements came together so well - the art, the UI, the animations, the color palette, the music, and of course the coding to make sure everything runs so smoothly! ^ㅡ ^

I had a blast trying out your game! Definitely deserve a win! C:


This is really cool! reminds me of that old flash game haunt the house

Nice :D I didn't know about this game, but friend of mine told me after we've created Make'em Cringe. Btw it seems that this game is on steam now :D In case you want to recall some memories :P

That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know.


I really want to play this game but the web gl won't load for me


Maybe you can try to download the unityZip file


I really enjoyed the atmosphere and art set up here! I am going to nitpick two things though :)

- Defeat screen when a visitor buys the house seems to repeat; the game seems to continue

- Main menu quit button seems to include the swinging thing in its hitbox (just seemed weird to me, haha)


We're glad you enjoyed it! 
And thanks a lot for the feedback, I didn't realize that the swinging thing was part of the hitbox.  For the defeat screen, it's true, I wish we had more time to fix all these bugs. 


sort but fun


The art is really good and the gamefeel is really nice and polished.

At first is a bit confusing, we missed a tutorial. We think it's a bit unfair when you get caught underground, but the rest of the game loop is cool.

Good job!

Thanks a lot for playing it and your feedback!
We're glad you enjoyed it ^^


A very cute short game :). Wish it was longer like maybe there's level 2-3 and bigger buildings to protect. 

Oh that's a great video, thanks a lot for playing! It was a pleasure watching you :) 

Game itself was twice as long, but due to how game jams function, we've decided to shorten it so that most of the people can make it to the ending. 

Also we had plans for making a second floor, so that we need to manage much bigger building, but as for a bit less than 72h game (we had to finish it quicker), we thought that it's wiser to make game smaller, but more polished. 

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback and if we ever decide on building upon this idea, we will surely make it a longer experience!


Okay, I love the concept behind playing a ghost that has to scare off visitors so its house won't get bought instead of just scaring people for the fun of it.

At first, I didn't realize people were also coming from the right, and it took some getting used to the visitor's vision range, but I don't think that's a bad thing as you can quickly learn that by playing a little. Figuring out how close you can get to them is part of the challenge in my opinion.

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you find it as a challenge and not as disadvantage, as it was kind of out concept, to make people learn the game by the feedback we give them. 

And yup, it's not just a typical, egocentric and naughty ghost, it's a lonely and actually good-hearted one (might not look like that from visitors perspective tho) :P 


I'm an avid fan of nethack, so I guess seeing the learning aspect as part of the game is something I've always enjoyed (as long as it's well done and you actually have a chance to learn by playing, which people definitely have in your game).


Awesome game! The visuals are very well done. The juicy sound effects, camera shake and interactions really were well done! Fun gameplay mechanic too. Maybe I missed it, but an indicator of where people are coming from would have been really nice, or a distance meter.  I really liked the little bat that was flying around as well!

Hey, we're glad you liked it! Thank you for your comment :)
The distance meter is an interesting idea!


This was really cool! I love the visuals especially and how everything looked, super simple mechanics and still really fun to play. It took a second to figure things out but once I read the game description (and failed once), things got easier. Awesome job, loved this


Thank you for playing our game and commenting on it!
We're glad you liked it, I think our programmer Manus made a great job at balancing the game. To know you failed once and then were able to win the second time is a confirmation of that to me :D


This looks epic as hell



Hey! Great game! Though it probably took me too much time to figure out what the game was about and what to do


Thanks a lot for playing :) 
Ye, it's probably my fault (I was designing introduction), so definitely need to think on some more detailed one.


This game was so much fun. I like the visuals of it.


Oh so glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to watch you play it :D Thank you


Thank you so much for making such a cool video about our game!
I really loved it :D


Hey great game! Its really a great concept, but it could have been better if you had explained about the game better, it was more like playing and then understanding the game type of experience, also the ghost got spawaned on that soldier, so immediately it collided with that haunted thingy, maybe it requires a slight realignment of the player spawning position, but art and concept is just amazing!

Thanks a lot! 
Ye, definitely I should explain the game a little bit more. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway :)